Play the Lottery at Loan USA

I love fall, it is definitely my favorite season. I like the crisp fall like weather (that we clearly didn't experience this week), the changing leaves, my wedding anniversary (yesterday), and of course football season (Go Pats!). With football season comes the exciting pastime of playing fantasy football. I play in a “for fun” league and my team is awful. However, I just learned of a fun way to make teams online each week so I've been partaking in that. This leads to my love of gambling and the reason I decided to write this post that so far had nothing to do with the pawnshop.  We can help you with all things lottery! Yay! You can play Keno, buy mega millions and powerball tickets and purchase scratch tickets from $1 in value up to $20.  Even if you are not a fan of gambling (like Papa Pawn) scratch tickets make great and cheap holiday presents for people that do get a small thrill from gambling (like me). #LifeHappensWe'reHere


Posted on October 2, 2015 .