Spotlight Item!

Happy Friday! The past few posts have informed you of our 10Ten Layaway Plan happening now through December 5th.  Let me really show you how it works while spotlighting this great necklace we have for sale.

Pictured below you will see a beautiful journey pendant necklace.  This piece features  1.00CTTW in diamonds and comes on a thin o-link, 14 karat white gold chain. The price of this necklace is $399.  I know what you’re thinking, you’d love to give this as a present for a loved one (because I do not know a female on the planet that would be disappointed with this) but it’s a little pricey for a holiday gift.  Here is where the 10Ten plan comes in handy.  First we are going to instantly take 10% off of the item making it now $359.  Still pricey, but better.  Next you only need to put down 10% to make this necklace yours, yup only, $35.00.  Let’s keep going, you’ve secured your item and now you only owe $324, you are on the way to owning this gem.  You can pay for the remainder however you’d like as long as it is paid in full by December 5th.  For the sake of this example we will say you came in today 10/23/15 to begin the 10Ten plan. You have 6 full weeks to get this paid for and here are some examples of exactly how affordable this can be:

  • Pay weekly: 6 installments $54.00
  • Pay bi-weekly: 3 installments $108.00
  • Pay once per month: 2 installments $162.00
  • Pay once by December 5th: $324.00

You can break up the payments however you want, in whatever way is the most affordable to you.  You could pay 3 times a week and your payments would be $18.00.  Whatever you want to do, is fine with us!

Take advantage of this plan TODAY and use the full 6 weeks to pay for your item. #10TenLayawayPlan

Posted on October 24, 2015 .