Happy Halloween

We want to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween! I for one am very excited the first real holiday has arrived.  I tried, you can even ask J, to come up with a post about how we could help you prepare for this day.  I wanted to try to sell some costume jewelry or a camera so you could take pictures of your friends and family all dressed up.  I know, all bad ideas, which is why I’m settling for this post wishing everyone a great Halloween.  Please feel free to bring us any extra candy, we’d love to help take that off your hands.  Plus when you come by to drop us off candy you can get a jump start on your gift shopping, because the rest of the holidays will be here before you know it! #LoanUSAWantsYourCandy #HappyHalloweenFromLoanUSA #PawnShopUntilYouDropThisHolidaySeason

Posted on October 30, 2015 .