10Ten Layaway Plan

When I was 16 my newly licensed best friend picked me up for a thrilling Friday night of hanging at the Auburn Mall.  We met up with this guy she had recently met, let’s call him Mike, not for anonymity reasons but because his real name is not something I’ve retained.  Friend, Mike, and I were aimlessly wandering around when Mike steered us into Foot Locker.  He found this pair of Nike’s he just had to have.  The 3 of us had about $20 total and couldn’t afford to actually shop so Mike put the shoes on layaway.  I had absolutely no idea what this meant and made the intelligent decision to keep this information to myself and ask my parents when I got home that evening. The question of “what is layaway?” had Papa Pawn in actual hysterics.

14 years later, here I am, ready to explain to you the layaway process.   If you come into Loan USA and see an item you’d like to purchase but don’t have enough money for it at the time you can put down a deposit.  For jewelry we require 20% for a 3 month term and for tools and electronics 50% for a 1 month term.  Once you’ve given us your deposit we secure the item for the length of the term.  You may come in at any time throughout the term and put more money into the item or you can pay the remaining balance in full.  Once your balance is paid in full the item is yours to keep.

However, this blog post is more than just an explanation of the layaway process, it has an exciting twist! Starting NOW we are rolling out our 10Ten Layaway plan. As of today, all layaway items are 10% off and 10% down at the time of deposit.  In order to get this fantastic deal you must pay for your item in full and pick it up by December 5th. The financial stress of the holiday season increases every year, and with this plan you can save some money and give yourself the necessary time to pay it all off over an 8 week period.  Don’t delay your holiday shopping, start now and save more! #LifeHappensWe’reHere #10TenLaywayPlan

Posted on October 9, 2015 .