The Beginning

I work in a pawnshop.  OK, that’s not entirely true,  I really blog for them, but I used to work there and I loved every minute of it.  Whenever I tell people about my time at Loan USA I get odd reactions. Looks of intrigue mixed with possible confusion and with some, I get looks of disdain. The reactions I get when the word pawnshop is mentioned are what drove me to begin this blog

I was fortunate to grow up around the family business. I spent my college breaks and summers working at our shop.  I started by cashing checks and dishing out scratch tickets.  I quickly moved up  to the front windows learning how to do simple loans, purchasing jewelry, and dealing with the unruly customer or two. I came to realize that most people have a very misguided sense on what actually goes on in a pawnshop. Since that time I take great pleasure from teaching anyone who will listen about the inner workings of a family business and the ins and outs of our shop. So stay tuned for tips, stories, items I love, and others that are too good not to share, and anything else I feel like talking about on any given day.

Posted on April 16, 2015 .