Adventures at Loan USA

We decided it was about time we give our customers a little glimpse inside a typical day at Loan USA.  It is always necessary to make sure we are experts in all of the products we carry in our stores. This involves lots of tests and trials. About a month ago our Go 2 Guy ("G2G") decided it was time to take the segway out for a test drive, you know to make sure it worked properly and possibly because it's pretty fun to ride.  

Let me first give you a little background on G2G. He is a beloved member of the Loan USA team who has been with us for almost the entire 21 years we've been in business. He is one of the most prepared and organized people I've ever met and he can get anyone out of crisis (although he would prefer you plan better to avoid a crisis all together).  He is also an excellent driver.

So G2G decided to take the segway for a spin out front while J was doing some very important work at the showcase.

Find out what happens in the video below!

Posted on June 12, 2015 .