Interesting Items

We  often get Inquiries  about what items we will and will not accept for a loan or a buy in our stores.  The obvious and very general responses are items like: jewelry, electronics, tools, and vehicles all of value.  You can learn more about our lending process on our website here.  One thing to note is that It is very hard to tell you how much we can loan you on an item without seeing it.  If you have something that you find valuable it never hurts to bring it in and have it appraised.  Also, if you are looking to purchase something that you don’t think we’d have you may be surprised by the unique items we’ve had in our store in the past.  Check out a few of the most interesting items we’ve had in our stores:

  • Hot dog cart: yup this was a full blown functional hot dog cart just like you’d see outside of Fenway Park.

  • Segway:  This thing is awesome, come see for yourself.

  • Silver Belts: Yes, a belt, made entirely of silver.

  • Snowblowers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers: everything you need to maintain your yard every season.

  • A porcelain bride and groom: (no explanation necessary).

  • Bicycles: all different sizes and styles.

The list is proof positive that it never hurts to ask, we might surprise you and love the item you bring in!

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Posted on June 5, 2015 .