Movado's for Sale!

Part of what makes our pawnshop great are the times when we have a surplus of items in our stores. This allows us to be even more generous with our pricing and at times, allows us to create a new sale.  Well, it just so happens a surplus of goods is upon us and it comes in the form of Movado watches!

The Movado brand has been in existence since the year 1881.  As you can see these luxury watches have been around for a very long time and aren’t going anywhere soon.  The signature style of the Movado, called the Museum Watch, is a classic that can be recognized as a style staple all over the world.

We shouldn’t have to give these iconic watches away, but we are doing it anyways.  Remember we have new inventory to make room for every day!

Here is some simple math to show you the price range of Movado’s and why you want to buy them from us:

  • Any basic retailer (think the mall): $400.00-$1,000.00

  • LoanUSA: $99.00-$599

  • LoanUSA with our 20% discount happening NOW: $79.20-$479.20

And… just for fun and because we love our customers if you come in and spend $100.00 or more on any retail item in any of our 3 stores you can select a Movado watch of your choice and have it for 50% off!

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Posted on July 31, 2015 .