Introducing Our Website In Spanish!

Our website can now be read in Spanish!  This exciting new feature, created by J, is pretty awesome.  Due to the overwhelming number of customers who are native,  we decided it was in everyone's best interest to accommodate them. If you go to, as soon as you get to the site, you will have an option for Espanol or English.  Click on your desired language and voila!  You will probably have a more enjoyable experience, if you speak Spanish of course. Unfortunately the blog does not translate over to the Spanish page but if you would like I am definitely willing to work on making it happen!  Which leads me to my next point... I think J (and sometimes myself) have been doing a good job of expanding our online presence for the better and we would love to hear your feedback.  The  more comments and questions we get the better we can understand you, the customers, and customize everything to your liking.

One final quick update on our website.  You can see new improvements all the time so please keep in mind it is a work in progress.  As of right now you can shop bracelets and rings online but we want you to know that more inventory is on the way!

Thank you as always for your devotion to our pawn shop! #LifeHappensWe'reHere #LoanUSA

Posted on August 21, 2015 .