I am sure many of you came to Loan USA to pick up powerball tickets over the past couple of weeks as the jackpot kept getting bigger and bigger.  Finally 3 very lucky people won Wednesday night.  Seeing as the winning tickets were sold in Florida, Tennessee, and California I’m going to go out on a limb and say that like me, you were not amongst the winners.  Playing the lottery is fun, I love a good game of Keno, or playing blackjack at Foxwoods however it is sadly not a reliable form of income (unless of course you are a professional poker player-which I’m guessing you aren’t) and that is where we come in. 

90% of the time I tell you about how you can save money by shopping with us. Sometimes though,I neglect to mention an important, actually the most important, aspect of our business… our ability to loan you money.  You sadly can’t rely on the lottery but you can always rely on us.  As a reminder a collateral loan happens when you give us something of value and we loan you money and keep your item safe for you.  You can always pay the interest and get your item back whenever you want.  You can get multiple loans at one time and you can re pawn your items whenever you need to.  We take in an array of different things so if you think you have something worth a lot of money it never hurts to ask! Don’t get discouraged that you didn’t become a billionaire overnight, studies even show that having an exuberant amount of money and having too little money equally do not make you happy but having just enough does and we can help you get to that point of just enough. #LifeHappensWe’reHere #RelyOnUsWhenTimesAreTough

Posted on January 15, 2016 .