New Year New Resolutions

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions.  The goals I set for myself year to year are pretty consistent and dare I say basic; lose weight, work out more, be a better person, and you get the idea.  I never put these things in writing and I never call it a resolution, I just hope to do the best I can.   This year I decided it would be fun to make some Loan USA resolutions.  Hopefully Papa Pawn, J, and the rest of the crew don’t mind that I’ve decided this for the team as a whole.  Here we go:

  1. This one’s for J: Expand our online shopping presence.  Please note he has done a tremendous job improving upon our online existence and it is not an easy job getting our daily changing inventory online;

  2. For me:  Become more active with our social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and improve upon the blog by making it more personal and helping you get to the know team at Loan USA even better;

  3. For Papa Pawn: read the blog every once in awhile… kidding I’m sure he reads it EVERY Friday; and

  4. For YOU our customers: Check out our website and social media sites, comment, tell us how you feel and please come visit us in all 3 locations.

Feel free to share your resolutions with us in the comments section below.  I know I may not make any resolutions but I do like to hear about others.  Also, if you think there is anything we need to improve on in 2016 I’d love to know your thoughts.


Posted on January 8, 2016 .