The Holidays Are Coming!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp fall weather and getting ready for the weekend.  I know it's only October but Halloween is almost here and I did see some Christmas decorations at Target so I don't feel bad for writing this post, and probably every post coming up about the holiday season.  

Here are ten great reasons to spend the next few months with us!

  1. Pawn an item to make some extra cash to spend on Holiday shopping.  Remember we will keep it safe for you and you can get it back at any time; 
  2. Sell an item to not only get some extra spending money but to clear out some clutter and make room for the new gifts coming your way; 
  3. Play the lottery, maybe you'll get lucky; 
  4. Our online shopping page does not do us justice, you must come in to see our massive inventory; 
  5. But, our online shopping page is a great way to purchase items 24/7 without even leaving your bed; 
  6. Unlike big department stores our inventory changes every single day, you never know what you might find; 
  7. One stop shopping, you can find something for every single person on your list no matter your relationship to them, their age, or gender; 
  8. LOW PRICES, made even lower by holiday promotions that are coming up, stay tuned on the blog for more details; 
  9. Come in to have your jewelry cleaned for all the upcoming parties you will likely be going to; 
  10. Like our motto says "Life Happens We're Here" we are here to help in any way we can so don't procrastinate this year, come in, contact us online or social media and put some of your holiday burden on us! 

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Posted on October 14, 2016 .