Loan USA Your Very Own Version of Antique Roadshow!

I feel like people are finally starting to listen to me, yay! Although I wish this example was from one of my loyal blog readers instead of my co-worker, I’ll take what I can get.  Back in June I wrote a blog post found here about all the unique items found in our stores throughout the years.  The point was that just because an item isn’t something typically found in a pawn shop, it never hurts to ask.

Back to my co-worker, who obviously knows all about the store, my time working there, and my current blogging job. She had an item at home that she’s been meaning to bring me, a dish, and this week she finally remembered to bring it in.  This is not just any dish, it’s traveled all the way from Provence, France, and although very pretty it does not fit in with her decorum.  It was a gift and therefor she has no idea how much it is worth. Unfortunately I do not have an eye for appraising items so I will keep it wrapped in bubble wrap and bring it to J, and Papa Pawn to get their opinion.

Said co-worker also has a dresser that has been passed on from generations in her family that might be worth a small fortune.  I for one can’t wait to see the worth and I’ll be sure to provide you with the outcome! It’s just like a real life antiques roadshow (google it).

Look around your house, you might be living among treasures.

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Posted on February 26, 2016 .