Loan USA and Reverb: A Dynamic Duo

J is awesome and has sold 5 instruments in 10 days.  How you ask? I was wondering the same thing because some of these instruments have been hanging out for a very long time even though they are in wonderful condition.  I tried to get you to buy them using this blog for everything from back to school shopping to starting a new hobby but J figured it out.  He found a website called Reverb (and of course there is an app for that) that buys and sells used musical instruments.  If you are a musician or want to become a musician you might already know about this site, and if you don’t you should definitely check it out because this is where we will be planning to sell our instruments.  Don’t be surprised when you decide to wander into the store in the hopes of buying a used guitar to find out they are all gone.  I’ll do my best to post online whenever J puts up a new item on the site.

Congratulate J on his instrument(al) success and wish him well on his very exciting vacation to Hawaii, he leaves today and is gone for the week.  Once he returns he will continue posting products for all of your musical needs.

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Posted on March 4, 2016 .