Are You Reading This?

I truly enjoy writing the blog each week.  The only thing that would make blogging better is if I knew people were actually reading and benefitting from my writing.  I’ve asked for feedback and comments and Facebook likes.  I’m happy to report we have over 1,500 likes on Facebook and more slowly appear on the regular.  We also receive plenty of Facebook messages.  That is validating but just not enough proof that you are reading THIS.

It is officially contest time: The first person to come into any one of our 3 locations and directly reference this or any other past blog post wins! The prize is a $25 credit towards the merchandise of your choosing.  I will let you know, using the blog (and Facebook, Twitter, etc.) once we have a winner.  Even once the contest ends, come in and tell us you read the blog, or comment here, it will make me happy and give me the ability to better provide you with the information you need.  It also might get Papa Pawn to do more contests and giveaways, sounds like everyone wins to me!

#LifeHappensWe’reHere #LoanUSA

Posted on April 8, 2016 .