Snowblowers in May

It's May, the sun has been shining most of the week and we've reached almost 80 degrees, so it clearly makes perfect sense that I'm going to try to sell you snowblowers. As a skier I was very disappointed by the winter we had. Winters like this last one are few and far between and history shows that it's likely we will receive double the snow fall (if not more) next winter. That makes right now the perfect time to buy a snowblower at an affordable price. Don't assume it won't snow next year, the last thing you need is to wait until 3 feet are on the way and run to the store to buy an overpriced piece of equipment. We have 3 in stock right now in excellent condition. The prices range from $219-$449 but if you come in and reference the blog we will be willing to give you a spring deal! Don't miss this opportunity you don't want to be knee deep in snow and bills next winter. #SnowblowersInMay #SnowblowerSpringDeal #LoanUSA #LifeHappensWeAreHere


Posted on May 13, 2016 .