Diamonds on the Loose!

Countless engagement rings and wedding bands have been featured on the blog throughout the last few years.  It’s also been explained that coming in and buying an already set ring is not the only option available, we can also make you a custom ring you can design yourself.  I realized yesterday that I have yet a third option for you…  come in and pick out a loose diamond.  We have an inventory of diamonds in all different shapes and sizes for you to come and purchase.  What you do from there is up to you! Let me explain the benefits:

  • Use the stone or stones in any way you want.  Diamonds aren’t only for engagement rings they make beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets too.
  • Lose a stone in any type of jewelry you already own?  Come find a replacement, and of course Loan USA will not only provide the diamond but also help with repair. This happens frequently in my wedding band and I’m always able to find the perfect fit.
  • Sometimes jewelry gets passed down through generations and changes might need to be made.  Love the setting but hate the diamond?  Pick out a new one that betters fit your taste.

Whatever the reason may be remember the 4 c’s: cut, color, clarity and carat and come pick out the perfect custom diamond (or diamonds) for your style.  

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Posted on July 22, 2016 .