Summer at Loan USA

With the 4th of July behind us we are in for a long stretch of summer with no long weekends in sight which is great news for you, but not so great for our #vacationgoals.  Something that might cheer us up a bit would be seeing more of you in our stores and hearing from you online. Here are some things for you to do either in person at any of our 3 locations or to talk about on Facebook or Twitter

  • Please make sure to wish J a very Happy Birthday on Wednesday July 13 (Happy Early Birthday J!);
  • Come in TODAY for a mega millions ticket the jackpot  is up to $540 million and still growing, we also have Keno, Powerball, and scratch tickets;
  • You can still buy a snow blower at an incredibly discounted price and be prepared for the winter, which I can guarantee is coming (prices will go up this fall);
  • Shop, take out a loan, or sell something #theusual; or
  • Read the blog while you are bored at work and comment below with tips, questions, or a simple hello so I know you are out there.

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Posted on July 8, 2016 .