Loan USA Rooting for Team USA

Happy Friday! The 2016 summer Olympics have been in full swing for a week now and there's still plenty more to see, have you been watching? J gets to watch most days because it is one of the few times Papa Pawn allows the TV to be on in the store.  Personally, I tune in once in awhile but I haven't been making it as much of a priority as I should.  I was watching one of my favorite events the other day, woman's gymnastics (whatever- they're pretty awesome) and I was wondering how much those gold medals are worth.  If they are made of 100% gold (which I don't think they are anymore) and based on the fact that I know they are pretty heavy they could be worth a lot of money.  Obviously if I had one in my possession (which will most likely never be the case) I could test it at the store and find out the actual value.  For now I will live without having an exact answer and just believing what I read on the internet.

You however might have some gold jewelry at home that you'd like to know the value of and this does not have to remain mystery! You can obviously come in and have us test it for you but if you are looking for an estimate and don't want to leave your couch (and the AC) you can go to our homepage and click on the icon for our gold calculator.  If you know the type of gold (14K, 18K, 24K) and the weight of your item this calculator will estimate the value for you. It will at least give you an idea of what you have before you come in and set realistic expectations for what you can expect to make on a loan or sale of your jewels.

Go Team USA

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Posted on August 12, 2016 .