Friday Finds: Wedding Guest Edition

Happy Friday! Summer is flying by like it always does and I don't know about you but I have a lot of weddings filling my end of summer/beginning of fall schedule.  Each wedding I'm going to is very different and requires different attire which will obviously need to be accessorized.  I was browsing the Loan USA shopping page to find jewelry to wear with each of my dresses and I realized I should share with you my favorite pieces in a special wedding guest edition of Friday Finds.

First up a "make a statement" ring.  If you are wearing something that makes it challenging to wear a necklace or dangle earrings a fun (and somewhat extravagant) ring is a great way to make a statement.  I'm not going to lie this item is a splurge but will impress all of your friends making it well worth it. The ring has a lavish design band with 3.01CTTW in diamonds, both baguettes and princess cuts and is set in 18 karat white gold.

I started with a pricey piece so it's only fair to show you something much more affordable that will still add glamour to your outfit.  Here we have a simple, elegant and affordable princess cut pendant on a tinsel link chain.

Personally I'm more of a bracelet person.  I'm going to end Friday Finds with a classic tennis bracelet that won't only go great with any wedding look but will also be something you'll want to wear everyday. Pictured below is a classic thin diamond tennis bracelet with 2.50CTTW in diamonds and is set in 14 karat yellow gold.

I have to tell you if you are still looking for the perfect piece of jewelry but don't see it on our website come in to any of our 3 locations, we have much more to offer and our inventory updates everyday... seriously every. single. day.

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Posted on August 5, 2016 .