All 3 Locations Open for Business!

Happy Snowy Friday! We hope everyone stayed safe and warm in the storm yesterday.  As you may have noticed we had to close down our operations yesterday to ensure the safety of all Loan USA employees and customers.  This is a rare occurrence for us as Papa Pawn doesn't close down unless it's absolutely necessary! 

In case you didn't realize we were closed yesterday here is how you can find out if we are open when bad weather hits. Our website,, will have a message if closed and we will post an announcement on Facebook.  You can also call us, you will notice that when you call any of our 3 locations someone answers by the 2nd ring, if you call and no one is picking up it is safe to assume we are closed. 

We don't expect many instances of weather related closures but safety is our number one priority especially in "bomb cyclone" situations. 

After you dig yourself out and come visit your favorite pawn shop today and remember you can find us 24/7 at, Facebook @LoanUSAInc, and Twitter @Loan_USA. 

#LifeHappensWeAreHere #LoanUSA 

Posted on January 5, 2018 .