Friday Finds the Annual Back to School Post

Happy Friday! This is not everyone's favorite subject but it's time to get ready for back to school. I personally love this time of year but I know that this can be stressful time for families and Loan USA is here to take some of that stress away.  

Loaning you money is the number one way we can help you right now.  Tuition and school supplies get more expensive every year, no matter what age/grade your students are in.  We can give you money on the spot for an item of value.  Best part is, you can get your belongings back if you want by paying the interest until you are ready to buy it back.  If you prefer to get rid of your stuff you can sell it and take the cash!     

The number two way we can help is to save you money on school supplies! No we do not sell notebooks, pencils or textbooks but we do sell laptops! Another supply we can help with applies to the musical student in your life- we sell all different kinds of instruments from drums to guitars and everything in between! 

Come in to any of our 3 convenient locations (Worcester, Springfield, Lawrence) and let us ease your back to school anxiety! #LifeHappensWeAreHere #LoanUSA #BackToSchool #FridayFinds 

Posted on August 24, 2018 .